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Why choose Enjoy Peru Holidays as your operator of Inca Trail


We offer the best service at the best price, no one can match us!!

¿Why Enjoy Peru Holidays?

We are an operator agency specializing in adventure tours high quality, offering unique and exciting moments towards the wonderful Inca Trail.

Enjoy Perú Holidays It is an exclusive operator of the Inca Trail. We offer a huge variety of tours and treks on the route of Inca Trail, which wrap a rich variety of adventure, history, mystery and all the cultural legacy of the Incas which can offer to the world.

1.- Unique hiking routes in the Inca Trail.

2.- We operate our trekking tours: We Operate the 100% of our Inca Trail, we are operators with the best travel proposal also offer excellent service at the best price. Our groups are from 3 and up to 12 people.

3.- Small Groups: We offer groups from 3 tp 12 people "this makes it possible to offer a high quality in our services".

  • We guarantee a personalized guided equipment in excellent condition and abundant buffet food.
  • The rest offers groups from 20-30 people with one leader guide and one assistant on the route, this ultimately result in poor food service " little and rationed " as the guiding activity, so it will be very difficult to keep the group in perfect conditions.

4.- Personal Attention: Enjoy Peru Holidays is an entrepreneur agency as young, and our policy is that all the service should be designed from the beginning to the end of our tour services.

5.- Good Accredited Guides: All our guides as part of our human resources are accredited by professional guides "Directur" possess vast experience in all routes that reach the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. And more still have a good concept of customer service and an adventurous spirit as we know that you have it too.


First Class Food, Book your Inca Trail at the best price!!

6.- Delicious and Abundant Food: We offer a rich and nutritious food throughout the Inca Trail route , novoandina and Creole food . We accept proposals also offer food as food for vegetarians and vegans no extra cost. Click to see our food in the Inca Trail route

7.- Tour Hikers Wanted:  If you still have not planned your itinerary or travel date , you can integrate our fixed departure groups, having established the Inca Trail Route "We are the first to develop a dedicated website for our outings to Inca Trail". ¡Travel, Enjoy and meet people from all over the world!. Click to see our Departures of Inca Trail

8.- Daily Departures: we open groups from 3 persons as minimum, we offer you the same quality of service as well as personalized guided and buffet type food. The remaining agencies offer daily departures , this means that they do not really operate rather send their own passengers to other agencies and thus integrate them into groups of more than 40 people.

9.- We have the best Market Price: Other agencies can open some groups from 2-3 people, but has a very high rate from $ 550 to $ 650 US (belonging to the treks of 3D-2N and 4D-3N). We offer the best price with the best posible quality.

10.- New Equipment and logistics: All our camping equipment , sleeping bags, trekking sticks are new; menajer as the material is made of stainless steel.

11.- We offer the Fastest methods to make your booking: We accept payments for your reservations by Western Union as Paypal . We now have a stronger preference in using WesternUnion shipping service, is the most easy and secure way to send money to Peru . You do not have to wary, we are a reputable company.

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We are operators 100% Local people in the Inca Trail



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